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Each week we are going to be doing a limited run of special varieties of corn we have smaller quantities of. In some cases we will only be offering what's on special once per calendar year.

For this week's special we are making hominy, masa, and tortillas from Masienda's Blue Conico

1 kg Hominy = $5

1 kg Masa = $6
48 ct Tortillas = $20 

More on this corn variety from Masienda:

Grown in the highlands of Atlacomulco in Estado de México, cónico (especially the blue varieties now endemic to the region) has long been coveted for its application to table tortillas.Masienda’s partner grower, Armando, maintains a 5 hectare milpa that has been in his family for five generations (which is as far back as he can personally trace). Armando almost exclusively uses blue cónico for his tortillas at home, citing a more tender texture than any other color varietal he grows. The color also translates to the most brilliant blue of any other landrace we’ve worked with. It is a household favorite at Masienda, and one that has historically only been available in smaller quantities.


*all pictures for this special are credited to Masienda.

- - -
All our products are made fresh each week. Our order cut-off is noon every Monday.

Orders received by noon on Mondays are nixtamalized Monday afternoon and then rinsed, ground, and baked Tuesdays.


Orders placed for pick up are available between 1:30 and 4:30pm Wednesdays.

If not eating right away, please be sure to refrigerate your order upon receiving it. These fresh-made products should last at least seven days in your fridge, and up to 3 months in your freezer with no ill-effect. 

Be sure to check out our 'How-To' page on recommendations for re-heating your tortillas.

Weekly Special: Hominy, Masa, and Tortillas with Blue Conico from Masienda

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