All Souls Tortilleria makes tortillas, masa, hominy, and chips from scratch every week in our bakery in the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont.

The only ingredients in our tortillas are: Corn, Water, Lime.

The lime we use is a mineral lime, not citrus. It is an integral part of the nixtamalization process at the heart of our products, and any traditional corn tortilla.

Our Hearty Heirloom line features organic Wapsie Valley corn from Lake View Organic Grains in Penn Yan, NY. We 

Our Soft White line features organic corn from Rovey Seed Co in Farmsville, IL. 

Our Blue Corn line utilizes organic corn from Rovey Seed, as well as landrace varieties of blue corn sourced through Masienda.

Each year we do small batches of other heirloom corns for special projects. For example:

Black Dakota Popping Corn and Wapsie Valley from Yoder Farm, VT
Floriani Red from Scott's Orchard, VT
Flint's Flint from Borderview Farm, VT
Early Riser from Oeschner Farm, NY
Elliot's White from Elysian Fields, VT
Roy's Calais Flint from the Farm School, MA
Petersen Blue from Shelburne Farms

These traditional tortillas are naturally gluten-free and vegan.

To affirm our commitment to real food and respect for the people and land that make real food possible, we are members of Slow Food Vermont. In 2018 we received the distinction of being awarded a Slow Food Snail of Approval. For more on what that signifies, click here:


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