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In addition to our line of corn tortillas, All Souls opened up a second location where we make our line of wheat flour-based tortillas, ensuring our corn tortilla line would be free of any wheat flour for the sake of any gluten-intolerant corn tortilla folks. 

This new flour tortilla bakery opened up in the Old North End in 2020 at 88 Oak Street, behind Mamajuana's and Poppy's.  We make fresh organic wheat flour tortillas from scratch to order each week, and these can generally be found at all the retail and restaurant locations our corn tortillas are found.

We make two types of flour tortillas, in two sizes each. Both types use the same organic wheat flour that is milled from 'Walton', a hard red spring wheat variety that the Dewavrin family grows at Les Fermes Longrés about one-hundred miles northwest of our bakery near the banks of the St. Lawrence River.  After harvest, the Walton is milled at Les Milanaise des Cedres, which was created by and is run by their family. We have been able to receive pallets of their flour with the help of Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex, VT, who have been working with the Dewavrin's wheat flour in their breads for years.

Our Four Corners tortillas features this organic wheat flour, water, organic sunflower oil from Catania Oils, non-GMO baking powder, and Redmond Real Salt. They are vegan.

This style of flour tortilla is more typical of the Four Corners region of the Southwest. Our retail labels feature a block print of a yucca blossom, the state flower of New Mexico.

Our Sonoran line features organic wheat flour, water, pastured lard from Gunthorp Farms, and Redmond Real Salt. That's it. This style of flour tortilla is more typical of those found in the communities around the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona and northeastern Mexico. Our retail packs have a block print of a yucca blossom on them, the state flower of Arizona.

As with our corn tortillas, our flour tortillas contain no preservatives. All of our grocer and restaurant accounts are restocked fresh weekly.  

These two lines are our only offerings at present. We have done some trials with other varieties of flours, and with other fats ranging from avocado oil to the strained fat cap of brisket, and even the al pastor drippings from Taco Gordo's trompo. These were all excellent and we hope to be able to share them with you in the future as specials.

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Flour Tortillas: Welcome
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