Each week we fry off fresh rounds of heirloom corn chips in a blend of organic sunflower and organic corn oil, topped off with Redmond Real Salt. Your chips will have been stone-ground from nixtamal, baked and then fried fresh just days before you receive them. You've never had a better, fresher chip. Sold in either 4oz retail bags or by the pound. 

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All our products are made fresh each week. Our order cut-off is noon every Monday.

Orders received by noon on Mondays are nixtamalized Monday afternoon and then rinsed, ground, and baked Tuesdays.

Orders placed for pick up are available between 1 and 5pm Wednesdays

These fresh-made chips should last at least three weeks if bought by the pound, and at least three months if bought in our 4oz chip bags.

Heirloom Corn Chips, 4oz and 1 lb bags