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Each week we simmer whole corn kernels with lime (calcium hydroxide) in a process called nixtamalization. One can also use wood ash in place of lime in this process.

After having been brought to a simmer, the corn steeps overnight, becoming nixtamal, or hominy. We grind the nixtamal with volcanic stones into fresh masa. Masa translates to 'dough', and this dough can be made into tortillas, tamales, sopes, tlayudas, huaraches, memelas and so much more. 

This manner of cooking corn was invented and perfected thousands of years ago by generations of indigenous persons living in the lands now referred to as Central and South America. This culinary tradition spread through much of the western hemisphere prior to the 1400's. Though tortilla-making does not commonly appear in indigenous communities in the Northeast US, nixtamal was still widely adopted in communities that grew corn and used in stews, porridges and drinks. 

Masienda has created a great series of videos called "Masa Shapes" if you are looking for inspiration of how to use masa at home. 

Our hominy, masa, tortillas and chips are available throughout the Northeastern US.

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To Purchase
Our tortillas are available for wholesale, retail, and foodservice accounts through direct sales and through our distributors Black River Produce,  Reinhart Foodservice Burlington, Farmers to You, Pumpkin Village Foods, Intervale Food Hub, Myers Produce, Farm to People and Associated Buyers.

Please begin any inquiry by contacting us at sales(at)  

For specific grocers and restaurants offering our tortillas near you, likewise write to sales(at)  

We are also available by phone at 802-373-7212.

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